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Our Story

Setters was founded in 2016 while exploring our undying passion for learning and creating a branding solution that could influence and leverage a business’ identity.

Over the years, Setters have enabled young businesses to thrive in a dynamic marketplace as well as aided decades-old companies to reassess their vision and expand/endure in the current disruptive era.

In its true essence, branding is a problem solver providing an innovative and distinguished edge in incorporating brand strategies at every point of public contact. 

We aim to help your brand reach, engage and showcase itself widely and effectively. Setters create the brand of your imagination.

Our Philosophy

Aimed at creating timeless brands that can escalate in today’s dynamic and disruptive marketplace, Setters with expertise in brand consulting and design assists & enable clients to build their iconic dream brand from the inception phase up to the creation of an immortal brand with a distinguished identity.

Setters’ services include offering foremost branding requisites such as naming, verbal and visual identity development to advance requirements such as media design, digital marketing, engagement, research and analytics, environment and experiences development.

With our core principles being passion, innovation and personal commitment to empower brands, Setters stands for setting it up for your brand.

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"No one can whistle a
symphony. It takes a whole
orchestra to play it."

H.E. Luccock

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