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BRANDING: The Kingpin of your brand

Branding is not just about giving your business a typo & a logo – it is about creating a living, breathing, dynamic identity that your customers will relate with, and have a positive attitude towards it.

Branding exercises range from setting up the basics for brand communications to hashing out a strategy that gives your brand a distinct voice. To make sure branding is done the right way right from the start, we seek to follow a theme & maintain a balance in a well-defined manner right from the primary stage like packaging design to final stages like advertising products in the market.

Here is the fundamental difference between Branding and Marketing,

Branding is to make an identity in the market, is a tactical move to show creative ways to introduce and increase awareness of your brand to the overall target market.

Marketing is all about strategic planning & advertising remarkably with the ultimate goal of increasing sales in a target market.

Branding is a way of giving identity to your business. It is how your customers recognize and experience your business. It makes a memorable impression on consumers and allows your customers & clients to know what to expect from your brand. Many areas are used to develop a brand identity, which includes logo, advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise & reputation.

Creation of a custom logo for branding is a complete result-oriented process, as logos are intended to be the “FACE” of the company while the branding is the “BODY”, with the help of fonts, colors and images they convey the basic values of the brand to the customers, making them intertwine with it. However, the result is equally important as the creative process and stylization are.

A business makes itself particular through collateral like business cards, packaging, tagline, letterheads, brochures it presents to the world. One of the foremost parts of branding is framing the name identity as it brings out the first outlook about the brand. It is a physical articulation of the company’s image, an expansion of the culture that is already expressed through communication style and behavior showed to maintain the image of the business


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    October 5, 2017

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