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LOGO: The Sign that makes you Standout

A LOGO is considered as the face of a brand and it essentially represents the essence of a business. The logo has always been a powerful ingredient in branding; it is the tastemaker your brand. Companies use logos to set themselves apart from each other, like a fingerprint for products and services. It just provides an opportunity for a brand to express itself. It is a mark of what you serve and what you stand for in the league.


Now that we know what a logo does, let’s look at what they are made of and the essentials for logo branding:

SIMPLIFIED: A logo should maintain simplicity and justify in every aspect; the components used in the stylization of the symbol should be balanced and relevant to the brand.

POSITIVE ASSOCIATION: As the mark represents the brand, it is the building block of your visual brand and is an asset you can use to connect with your audience right away. So it should be positive and convey your motto & forte meaningfully.

3R’s –  RECOGNIZED, REMEMBER, RECALLED: This is where the brand unfolds, it is an exceptional part that makes your brand stand out. The conceptualization should be easy to get and directly relatable to the associated brand. The more identifiable it is — the more successful it could be called. A logo should be simple and memorable, and something that can still be recognized at a large or small scale. e.g., NIKE logo.

SUGGESTIVE & CLEAR: A mark should be meaningful and easy to understand & should convey a clear message about your business. Your company logo isn’t something you can add random details into because you think it looks pretty. You need to keep the core brand values in mind; only then you will know what to keep and what to skip.

VERSATILE: Logo symbolizes the service & value your brand stands for in the market for Long-run. So a logo should be versatile in every manner. It must be able to reproduce consistently suiting in all of your branding & marketing in the long run.


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    October 5, 2017

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